Dwelling Fire Insurance

What is Dwelling Fire insurance?

A dwelling fire insurance policy is often the best choice for homes used as rentals. A standard home insurance policy offers general coverage against a variety of physical and liability hazards, but often comes at a significant price.  A dwelling fire insurance policy offers more specific coverage, tailored to property damage coverage in the event of specific hazards. As such, these policies can be more affordable for property owners.

What does Dwelling Fire insurance cover?

Dwelling fire insurance offers property owners a wide variety of coverage options and flexibility to protect their assets. Contrary to what its name might suggest, dwelling fire insurance coverage is not limited to fire and smoke related damages. In fact, the covered perils are very similar to those of a standard homeowners insurance policy. Dwelling fire policies often offer property owners protection against hazards like fire, explosions, vandalism and some weather related occurrences such as wind and lightning.

Unlike a typical home insurance policy, which covers everything except for listed exclusions, a dwelling fire insurance policy will only cover named perils. A dwelling fire insurance policy may be beneficial for:

  • Rental properties of all kinds (long-term, weekly, monthly, or seasonally)
  • Vacation homes
  • Seasonal homes
  • Secondary homes

The coverage is very similar to a homeowners policy, with one significant difference – a dwelling fire insurance policy is created for someone that does not make the property their primary residence. If you need to insure a rental or investment property, a dwelling fire policy is a smart decision.

Just like homeowners insurance, there are several different types of dwelling fire policies. DP-1 is known as the basic form, DP-2 is known as the broad form and DP-3 is known as the special form. Each provides a significantly different level of coverage. Please contact us for more information about the different levels of coverage.

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