Insurance Tips

Business Insurance Tips

Make sure your business income coverage is valued on an actual loss sustained basis for up to at least 12 months. This will ensure your business income is covered in case your business is closed due to a loss.

If you have more experience in your business’s industry, you can potentially get a discount on your workers compensation insurance.

It is in your interest to prevent job related injuries, so your worker's compensation premium goes down. This means creating better conditions for your employees or even shoe requirements, preventing slip and fall.

Install a central station burglar alarm to prevent theft and robbery. This, depending on the carrier, could potentially lower your premium. If you don't have a central burglar alarm, some carriers will not cover theft and robbery. Make sure to talk to your agent about the parameters of your theft coverage.

Individual Insurance Tips

Homeowners Insurance

Get a central station burglar alarm for your dwelling. It will lower the cost of your homeowners insurance premium.  This my vary among carriers.

Homeowners, Dwelling Fire, Flood Insurance

Make sure to get the correct replacement cost for your dwelling. If your house burns down, that is the cost it will take to rebuild it.

Auto, Home, Dwelling Fire Insurance

Get the highest deductible you can afford. This will help decrease the price of your premium.

Homeowners Insurance

Make sure to schedule high value items in your homeowners policy because the full value of those items may not be covered.

Life and Health Insurance Tips

Some carriers provide index universal life insurance plans. Sometimes this type of plan will pay the insured when they are still alive, for long term care coverage.

Low income households can get a tax credit for their health insurance through Covered California. Contact a certified agent from the Covered California website to see if you qualify.

Buy life insurance as a part of your retirement plan. You can use the cash value that builds up, once you are retired.

Tobacco user get higher rates for life insurance.

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