Worker’s Compensation Insurance

What is Worker’s Compensation insurance?

Workers’ compensation provides financial support for an employee who is hurt on the job or from a work-related injury. If you own a business in California, you’re legally required to carry workers’ compensation, even if you have just one employee. Your employees are not allowed to contribute to your Worker’s compensation insurance. If an employee is injured on the job or falls ill because of a work-related incident, workers’ compensation covers the cost of medical care, as well as wages your employee may have lost resulting from the injury. It also protects your business from lawsuits that result from work-related injuries or illnesses.

The cost of your premium depends upon a few factors:

  • The type of service or products your company provides
  • The associated tasks your employees perform
  • Your workers’ compensation claims history
  • Your payroll

What does Worker’s Compensation insurance cover?

Workers’ compensation insurance covers a broad range of illnesses and injuries in the workplace. It pays out to cover hospital and medical expenses, as well as any disability payments while an employee is unable to work. Common workers’ compensation claims include:

  • Workplace accidents like slip-and-fall injuries
  • Machinery accidents
  • Overexertion
  • Dismemberment
  • Diseases and infections that result from an injury or exposure in the workplace
  • Occupational injuries like repetitive motion injuries (i.e., carpal tunnel syndrome)
  • Occupational injuries like back pain
  • And more...

Even injuries that seem relatively minor can be costly over time. It’s important to carefully document all injuries and accidents in the workplace and carefully follow procedures to report injuries. Without proper documentation, your employees may struggle to receive coverage, and your business may be left vulnerable to lawsuits.

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